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AAA Fabrication

AAA Fabrication was established in 1993 in Kemp, Texas. What started as a local metal fabrication shop has grown into a full fabrication shop that services customers locally in Texas, as well as throughout the country. While metal fabrication is still a core specialty, we also provide high-quality laser-cutting, powder-coating, and CAD-drawing.


Established in 2007, Southern Welding is comprised of highly experienced welders, mechanics, engineers, and skilled craftsman of all types who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of repairs, builds, maintenance and service. Southern was created as the solution we couldn’t find as plant and maintenance managers. Founded with this mission, we’ve built an industrial services company we all live by, “The Southern Way.”


At ELITE we handle every aspect of refractory installation, maintenance, and repairs with the highest quality of craftsmanship, experience, materials, and detail. We developed our skill sets from being on the job for several decades, working for many of the most well-known manufacturers in the world. That’s what makes us Elite.


Since 1990, Southern Fabrication has built and delivered exceptional heavy-duty industrial products of every metal, size, and kind, tailored to the unique needs and requirements, timelines, and environmental factors of our clients. We produce exceptional industrial fabrications with unrivaled engineering competence and cutting-edge production techniques.